“Impressive.  I would like to be with that group of people every day.  What an energizing , special group of people. I really felt the common thread was faith.  Will I find a buyer, will I find answers about my health, will my team respond to changes?  We all know that faith alone isn’t the answer.  But, it seems we discount faith and try to control every outcome. If only that were possible.  But we have a powerful partner that we all struggle to trust. My mom’s favorite answer to me was ” let go and let God.” Easy to say hard to live.   

Love this group. Thanks for keeping us together and giving us a place to join in fellowship.”

Dr. D
Sorrento, ME

“First of all, we received two texts from team members within hours of returning home that said how much they appreciated the days with you, and how much they learned about themselves during the retreat.  One was particularly sweet (and uncharacteristically emotional) All of the feedback was very positive.”  

Dr. C
Freeport, ME

“Thank you very much!  You are a very knowledgeable and gifted speaker! The meeting was all we could talk about this morning.  The few of our team that we brought made great commentaries about the program and we are pumped! We learned a ton, and will implement a lot of it soon.  We will begin talking to patients about it April1, so they can be ready Oct. 1 with insurance renewals, or, insurance “ditching” rather!”

Dr. A
Birmingham, AL