When was the last time you spent two days focused on expanding your practice and Masterminding with teams who are leaders in the field? 


Join us for a Mastermind Team Retreat!

Fall 2019

Location: TBD


Come Prepared to Share in Open Discussions! 

Mastermind Questions and Topics Will Be Provided. 

Are You Ready to Invest In Your Team and Add Value to Others? 


Thursday       TBD    8 am – 5 pm EDT
Friday    TBD    8 am – 3 pm EDT

CE Credits Sponsored By IPSO Seminars.

Tuition: $595 per person

Lunch will be provided. Travel and lodging not included in tuition. Dress is casual.
(Need a monthly payment plan? Email for more information).

Early Registration: Save 5% when you register by TBD


We’ll discover together:

  • The Seamless Team – cross-training systems
  • In House Dental Savings Account for financing that creates referrals!
  • Five ways to transform your burn-out to enthusiasm!
  • Refocus your purpose and vision with an easy 4-step discussion
  • Develop the HIGH PERFORMANCE team
  • Stop the drama and have effective conversations!
  • Five-Star Service – thinking outside the box
  • Create an effective case presentation system.
  • Information transfer from patient to team members
  • Verbal skills from phone call to exam to scheduling
  • Financial arrangements for PREVENTING over 90-day accounts.
  • Explore cancellations in three main categories
  • Expert marketing strategies to bring in quality new patients
  • Mastermind best practices with other teams. You are not alone!

Special thanks to our amazing past sponsors:
Weave Patient Communication Software
Nashville Dental Inc.
Arrow Media & Design
IPSO Seminars



“I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It was eye opening and made me look at myself, my leadership, more than anything. I can see where my team doesn’t do this and that but I know it starts with me.

Everything is changing in dentistry and the world around us. One of the signs of life is GROWTH. The techniques we are using change, as well.

I don’t want to grow old. I want to keep learning new things. If we’re still using the same verbiage we used twenty years ago, it grows stale and we won’t grow. Instead we will become stagnant, bored and tired.

From now on when there’s class and I decide to go, everyone is required to GO! I’m sick and tired of it.

I told my team how much I enjoyed listening to the other team members and how they took ownership of the practice and they seemed happy with the doctor as well as taking pride in what they were supposed to be doing.”

-Johnny Griffin

“The retreat was very good. I really liked Paula. She was energetic and assertive without being pushy.”

– Dr. Lisa Wilson

“I loved hearing the verbiage from other teams and the role playing we did. I’m doing better with asking more questions.”

-Dental Hygienist from Colorado

“I learned so many marketing ideas from the other teams that will really help our practice.”

-Practice Coordinator from Colorado

“The camaraderie with the other teams was very helpful. I made friends with another administrative team member who had some great ideas.”

-Admin Team from Kentucky

Are you wondering “Why should we come?” Great question!

  • Have you thought about throwing in the towel? Reaching burn-out?
  • Have you lost focus, a sense of purpose and vision? Feeling alone?
  • Is the team complaining or withholding while the doctor is stressed?
  • When was the last time your team felt appreciated?
  • Do you know if treatment plans are really closed?
  • Are your systems clear and effective for treatment plan follow up?
  • Do you know how to keep the schedule full and productive?
  • Are cancellations on the rise? Is your protocol effective?
  • Are you a bank? Do your patients owe you money?
  • Tired of insurance plans but afraid to drop them?
  • What is your marketing plan? Do you have a marketing budget?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then I invite you to join us in the Fall of 2019.







Next Retreat:

Mastermind Leadership Retreat
Friday-Saturday, April 26 & 27, 2019

Charleston, SC/Folly Beach

$995 per person (Payment plan available). Register by Monday, March 11, 2019.

Limited space. Event sponsored by DenVantage and Weave.

*Lunch will be provided. Lodging is not included in tuition. Dress is casual.


Let’s Discover Together:

* Are you thriving or surviving?
* Refocus your purpose and vision
* Airway, occlusion, and splint therapy
* Incorporating orthodontics
* The 3-day week
* In-house loyalty program
* Mastermind systems with other doctors
* Create an action plan and strategies for success


Where two or three are gathered together in harmony this creates the third mind, the God mind, which is the Mastermind. (from Napoleon Hill’s Think & Grow Rich)